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Kenneth J. Gruneisen passed the CAN SLIM® Master's Exam in 2005. As early as July 1996, Ken posted a small group of his favorite stocks that fit the fact-based investment system's criteria. As new ideas were continually added it became his goal to build a "clubhouse" on the Internet where followers could gather useful information, and the simple page that he started has become the site you see today.

Complete the REGISTRATION to gain access to some very useful tools and email reports our experts have designed specifically to help members pinpoint the next big stock market winners. If prompted to login you may use the request lost password link for help gaining access to these features if you have valid registration in our system before May 11, 2015. After that date members may be required to pay a fee for the same level of access.

Those of you who plan to be investing seriously with the fact-based investment system should consider the benefits of activating a 1-year or 2-years membership upgrade! We do not offer shorter term options because we believe our customers should know that meaningful success will require many months of ongoing effort. Our goal is to help you succeed in both good and bad market environments. To have a fair chance at achieving meaningful success and getting the real value of our service you must be ready to commit to a full year.

- Timely analysis on the most action-worthy candidates
- Reports highlighting technical buy and sell signals in high-ranked leaders
- Expert market analysis to guide your weighting in the market and fundamentally superior stocks 

The membership UPGRADE gives members access to the Mid-Day Breakouts Report and full After-Market Update, both of which are published daily. Plus upgraded members have access to the Featured Stocks page which includes the latest notes on all of the current and most action-worthy buy candidates with resource links to all prior analysis and annotated graphs.

The membership UPGRADE is available for a 1-year membership at the standard $499.00 rate with savings available for a 2-year membership.  You may want to call or inquire for any special offers or discounts.
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Viewing prior reports and webcasts we've made available can be most helpful in getting visitors up to speed on the best work we do aimed at helping members apply the fact-based investment system on a day-to-day basis. Many questions about the service that come up would answer themselves if folks simply took some time to review the mid-day and after-market report samples (pay reports published 6 months ago or more) we make freely available on the website via the above links

For members who have not upgraded, in the free email reports and in the free premium areas of the website after you are logged in, by each of the stocks listed are brief notes like, "This stock was noted by our experts 5 times in the past 60 days", whereas UPGRADED members see the latest notes from our experts and all prior analysis we have published on these noteworthy stocks.
Investors with an active Membership UPGRADE (
SEE DETAILS, SAMPLE REPORTS, AND SIGN UP OPTIONS HERE) receive access to detailed reports that include notes and annotated graphs packed with information on the most ideal high-ranked buy candidates. FACTBASEDINVESTING.COM assists investors with the day-to-day application of a highly successful investment system with ongoing coverage of buy signals and sell signals as Featured Stocks encounter chart support and resistance levels (Technical Analysis). Our aim is to highlight well-timed investment ideas that fit most favorably the criteria William J. O'Neil wrote about in his book "How to Make Money in Stocks".  The most important stock selection principles are outlined by the seven letter acronym. In his book, he cites many examples including:
  • Texas Instruments, whose price rose from $25 to $250 from January 1958 to May 1960
  • Xerox, which went from $160 to the equivalent of $1340 from March 1963 to June 1966
  • Syntex, which leaped from $100 to $570 in the last six months of 1963
  • Dome Petroleum advanced 1000% in the 1978-1980 market
  • Prime Computer rose 1595% in the 1978-1980 market
  • Limited Stores' 3500% increase from 1982 to 1987.

FACTBASEDINVESTING.COM reports are written in an educational tone that allows members to build skill with the investment approach.  Members can study FACTBASEDINVESTING.COM's archived reports and learn a lot as they review how, through years of reporting on the subject, we have helped to prove that the concepts illustrated in the book will work again and again with proper discipline and patience.

Thank you for visiting FACTBASEDINVESTING.COM!  We wish you successful investing!



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Kenneth J. Gruneisen passed the CAN SLIM® Master's Exam in 2005. Mr. Gruneisen became a Registered Representative in 1987 and his career includes experience offering personalized assistance to investors with more than a decade of experience as a Registered Principal managing a branch office. Mr. Gruneisen serves on the board of directors of the Lighthouse Point Chamber of Commerce and he is actively involved with several charitable organizations.  Ken is also an accomplished bass player who enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and scuba diving.

Even More You Should Know...

Obviously, this website will help to keep you focused on ideas that are among the most suitable purchase candidates under the guidelines, yet they may not be suitable for all investors.  You should still conduct the analysis necessary to make an informed buy and/or sell decision, and always employ proper trading discipline including the use of stop losses!

Our goal is to enhance your profitability and help you build greater knowledge of investment techniques that have been proven to minimize losses and maximize gains in the value of your investment portfolio.

The most popular and useful areas at FACTBASEDINVESTING.COM:

The Breakouts Page contains a list of stocks hitting new 52-week highs, automatically screened throughout each day.

Stocks making it to the BreakOuts Page each day are actually a small subset of the larger Leaders List database of high-ranked stocks.

You may conduct your own search by criteria you choose with the Leaders List Screening Tool

If you would like any additional information you can contact FACTBASEDINVESTING.COM
via the online inquiry form or by phone at 954-785-1121.

Kenneth J. Gruneisen founded Gruneisen Growth Corp. (2003), which prior to May 11, 2015, operated and both under license from Data Analysis Inc. / Investor's Business Daily. Kenneth has passed the CAN SLIM® Master's Exam. Gruneisen Growth Corp. now continues over two decades of fact based market analysis via

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